FAQ's for homeowners new to zero turn mowers

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for homeowners new to zero turn mowers

Frequently Asked Questions

Are zero-turn mowers just for large yards?

A common misconception many homeowners have is that they don’t need a big zero turn. However, zero turn doesn’t automatically mean big. Zero turn mowers come in a variety of sizes. With cutting deck width options as small as 34 inches to as high as 72, a zero turn mower is a solution for any yard, big or small.

How do you steer a zero turn lawn mower?

To make gradual turns while driving forward, simply push one steering lever slightly farther forward than the other steering lever. To make a gentle turn to the right, keep the left steering lever slightly farther forward than the right lever. To turn left, keep the right steering lever slightly farther forward than the left lever. To steer more sharply, move the steering levers farther apart while making turns.

When the left and right steering levers are aligned, the machine travels straight. When the levers are offset, the machine will turn in the direction of the steering lever that is farther back from the other lever. The closer the levers are to each other, the gentler the turn. The farther apart the levers are from each other, the sharper the turn.

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How does a zero turn lawn mower save more time than a lawn tractor?

Besides the ability to drive faster, zero turn mowers cut grass faster than a lawn tractor because of their zero-radius turning ability. At the end of a row of grass, a zero turn can make a quick 180-degree turn and continue mowing the next row of uncut grass. With a lawn tractor, extra time is spent turning, backing and maneuvering to align the tractor with the next row of grass to cut. And after numerous cutting rows in a lawn, that time adds up fast.

Additionally, zero turn lawn mowers can be equipped with larger decks than can be fitted with a lawn tractor chassis. With a wider cut, homeowners make less passes across big acreage.

Does a zero turn lawn mower accommodate attachments? Is this new technology?

A zero-turn mower can be fitted with the same attachments as a lawn tractor, and more. A zero turn can accommodate grass baggers, mulch kits, trailer hitch kits, headlight kits and more. Additionally, some zero turn lawn mower brands give users the options to install suspension seats for added comfort, hitch kits for towing trailers and striper kits that give lawns that beautiful finished look.

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Why are zero turn mowers priced higher than lawn tractors?

Zero turn lawn mowers are priced higher than lawn tractors because they have greater value. With robust components like thick, fully welded steel tubular frames, options for fully fabricated steel decks (stronger than thin, stamped steel decks on lawn tractors). It’s not an expense, it’s an investment.

Enhanced user experience, premium features and superior cut quality technology is why a zero turn mower has such high value. Comfort in plush seats, armrests and ergonomic positioning of the controls is worth it for homeowners who spend hours cutting grass. Features like deck adjustment ability, modern styling, cup holders and storage areas are also big sells to some homeowners, but the #1 value to owning a zero-turn lawn mower is the time savings one achieves with the ability to mow faster with a better quality of cut.

How do I maintain a zero turn lawn mower?

Zero turn lawn mower maintenance is no more involved than maintenance on a lawn tractor. The oil needs to be changed, the deck needs to be cleaned, blades need to be sharpened and certain points need to be lubricated. In fact, ease of maintenance is such an important feature on a residential zero turn mower that manufacturers design mowers around the ability for homeowners to confidently complete maintenance in their own garages.

With a large variety of zero turn mowers to choose from, homeowners have the power to choose a model that requires as much or as little maintenance as they’re comfortable with.

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Is it difficult learning to drive a zero turn lawn mower?

Spend as little as 30 minutes in an open grass area to learn how a zero turn mower functions and you’ll be a pro. Anyone can learn how to drive a zero turn mower.

While learning to drive a zero turn lawn mower, keep the engine speed at low throttle. At low throttle, movement of the steering levers, whether gentle or aggressive, only moves the mower slowly. This allows new operators to understand the functions of the controls more comfortably.

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How do zero turn mowers handle on slopes?

Both lawn tractors and zero turn mowers are rated to mow on slopes up to 15 degrees, working best when mowing up and down slopes, rather than across. 

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