What is a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

What is a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

A zero turn lawn mower is a riding lawn mower with a zero-degree turning radius. It's operated by two steering levers instead of a steering wheel that allow the mower to make 180-degree turns on a dime.

The ability to quickly make 180-degree turns is one reason why a zero turn mower is the choice of landscape professionals. However, zero turn technology has also been built into lawn mowers for homeowners and their budgets. With growing popularity, more residential users are leaving inefficient, slow and cheap riding lawn tractors for the numerous benefits of a zero turn lawn mower.

Are Zero Turn Mowers Just for Large Yards?

A common misconception many homeowners have is that they don’t need a big zero turn lawn mower. However, zero turn mowers don’t need to be big. Zero turn mowers come in a variety of sizes. With cutting deck width options as small as 34 inches to as high as 72, a zero turn mower is a solution for any yard, big or small.

What is the Difference Between Zero Turns and Lawn Tractors?

The main difference between a zero turn mower and a lawn tractor is the steering. There are many benefits to a zero turn mower, including saving time, ease of operation and attachments.

Zero Turn & Lawn Tractors

How Does a Zero Turn Lawn Mower Work?

From different drive wheels to handling on slopes and adding attachments, zero turn mowers work differently than riding mower and lawn tractors.

How Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Work

How Do You Drive a Zero Turn Mower?

Driving a zero turn mower is as easy as driving a shopping cart.


Drive a Zero Turn Mower

How to Choose a Zero Turn Mower

It depends on the size of your lawn, the features you want and your budget. If you don't know where to start, use the zero turn selector tool to find the right zero turn mower for your needs.

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