How to Drive a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

How to Drive a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

Driving a zero turn mower is easy. In fact, driving a zero turn mower can be compared to driving a shopping cart. Spend as little as 30 minutes in an open grass area to learn how a zero turn mower functions and you’ll be a pro. Anyone can learn how to drive a zero turn mower.

While learning to drive a zero turn lawn mower, keep the engine speed at low throttle. At low throttle, movement of the steering levers, whether gentle or aggressive, only moves the mower slowly. This allows new operators to understand the functions of the controls more comfortably.

How Do You Steer a Zero Turn Lawn Mower?

To make gradual turns while driving forward, simply push one steering lever slightly farther forward than the other steering lever. To make a gentle turn to the right, keep the left steering lever slightly farther forward than the right lever. To turn left, keep the right steering lever slightly farther forward than the left lever. To steer more sharply, move the steering levers farther apart while making turns.

When the left and right steering levers are aligned, the machine travels straight. When the levers are offset, the machine will turn in the direction of the steering lever that is farther back from the other lever. The closer the levers are to each other, the gentler the turn. The farther apart the levers are from each other, the sharper the turn.

The steering levers allow your zero turn lawn mower to maneuver without limits. Operating the steering levers slowly and gradually makes the machine move slow and gradual in any direction. Operating the steering levers quickly and more aggressively makes your mower turn more sharply and drive faster. With zero turn mower technology, the operator has total control of their mowing attitude.

How to Choose a Zero Turn Mower

It depends on the size of your lawn, the features you want and your budget. If you don't know where to start, use the zero turn selector tool to find the right zero turn mower for your needs.

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